Funiu Mountains

The Funiu Mountains, also known by their Chinese name Funiu Shan,[a] are a mountain range in southern Shanxi and western Henan provinces in China.

Funiu Mountains
Literal meaningFalling Cow Mountain(s)


The Funiu are an eastern extension of the Qins, running south of the Yellow River after its southern return from the Ordos Loop. The hills to its east bear the headwaters to tributaries to the Huai.


During the Chinese Civil War, the eastern foothills of the Funius were the site of a 1947 Communist victory over the Nationalist army.



The geographer Zheng Ruoceng considered the kung fu of the Buddhist monks of the Funius second in China after that practiced by the monks of Shaolin. They specialized in staves.[2][3]

The mountains are also the namesake of the Funiu White, a Chinese goat breed.[4]


  1. ^ The name was also previously romanized as Foo-new Shan.[1]



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Coordinates: 33°39′45″N 111°47′12″E / 33.6626°N 111.7867°E / 33.6626; 111.7867