Fujiwara no Uona

Fujiwara no Uona (藤原 魚名, 721 – August 31, 783) was a member of the Fujiwara clan in Japan and occupied the position of sadaijin "Minister of the Left" in the ancient Japanese court.[1] He was the fifth son of Fujiwara no Fusasaki (681–737).

Grave of Fujiwara no Uona

Some Japanese clans that descend from Fujiwara no Uona are Kondō, Shindō, Mutō, Bitō. More in number are Satō, Gotō, Katō, Saitō. Along with the names Hayashi, Togashi, Takeda, Kawai, Inazu, Yuuki, Matsuda, Sano, Hatano.[2]


  • Father: Fujiwara no Fusasaki (藤原房前, 681–737)
  • Mother: daughter of Katano no Tomoomi (片野朝臣の娘)
    • Wife: daughter of Fujiwara no Umakai (藤原宇合の娘)
    • Wife: lady from the Sumori clan (津守氏)
      • Fifth son: Fujiwara no Fujinari (藤原藤成, 776–822)
    • Children with unknown mother:
      • Son: Fujiwara no Mawashi (藤原真鷲, ?–?)
      • Daughter: Wife of Fujiwara no Oguromaro (藤原小黒麻呂室)
      • Daughter: Wife of Fujiwara no Nagamichi (藤原長道室)


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