Fruela of Cantabria

Fruela de Cantabria or Fruela Pérez (died c. 758) was the second son of Duke Peter of Cantabria and brother of King Alfonso I of Asturias.[1][2]

Fruela of Cantabria
Dux of Cantabria
Cantigas battle.jpg
A battle of theReconquista from the Cantigas de Santa Maria
Diedc. 758
FamilyAstur-Leonese dynasty
FatherPeter of Cantabria

Biographical sketchEdit

According to the Rotensis and Sebastianense versions of the Chronicle of Alfonso III, Fruela accompanied his brother King Alfonso in the incursions against the Muslim invaders and succeeded in conquering several cities, including Lugo, Tui, Oporto, Braga, Viseu, Chaves, Ledesma, and other places.[3]


The name of the mother of Fruela's children is not known. These were:


  1. ^ Ibn Hayyan in his work, Al-Muqtabis fi Tarikh al-Andalus describes a Muslim Razzia and mentions those who had been killed in battle. According to this source, in 816: "...was the campaign of Haib Abd al-Karim ibn Abd al Qahid ibn Mugut against the enemy of God Balasc al Yalasque (the Basque Velasco), lord of Pamplona (...) Many of them died, including Garsiya Ibn Lubb (García López), son of a sister of Barmud (Bermudo I of Asturias), the maternal uncle of Idfuns (King Alfonso II of Asturias)". Alfonso's mother is known from other sources to have been named Munia, and to have been from Álava.[5]


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