Frisco Sally Levy

Frisco Sally Levy (a.k.a. "Véspera de Natal") is a lost[1] 1927 comedy silent film directed by William Beaudine and starring Sally O'Neil and Roy D'Arcy, which was released on April 2, 1927.[2][3][4]

Frisco Sally Levy
Frisco Sally Levy.jpg
Directed byWilliam Beaudine
Screenplay byAlfred A. Cohn, adaptation: Vernon Smith
Story byAlfred A. Cohn
Lew Lipton
Joseph Farnham
StarringTenen Holtz
Kate Price
Sally O'Neil
CinematographyMax Fabian
Edited byBlanche Sewell
Distributed byMetro Goldwyn Mayer
Release date
April 2, 1927
Running time
70 minutes
CountryUnited States


Colleen Lapidowitz (O'Neil) falls in love with an Irish police officer named Patrick Sweeney (Delaney), which is a relief to her Jewish father Isaac (Holtz) and Irish mother Bridget (Price) who have tried to discourage her interest in a sleazy lounge lizard named Stuart Gold (D'Arcy).




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