French (surname)

French is an anglicised version of Defreine, which has a Norman origin. Although the name is of French origin, it does not mean "French"; rather, it comes from the French word for ash tree.

French is or was the surname of the following individuals (alphabetized by first name):

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  • Joseph French, detective who appears in several novels by Irish-English author Freeman Wills Crofts (1879–1957)
  • Giles French, English butler "Mr. French", portrayed by actor Sebastian Cabot on 1966–71 television series of America, Family Affair
  • Paul French, pseudonym used by American author Isaac Asimov (1920–1992) for his juvenile book series Lucky Starr
  • Nicci French, pseudonym of a married duo of British journalists and authors, Nicci Gerrard and Sean French
  • Jim French (horse) (1968–1992), American thoroughbred racehorse
  • Ffrench or ffrench, variant spellings of the surname
  • Baron de Freyne (1786–)