Freizeit-Land Geiselwind

Freizeit-Land Geiselwind is an amusement park near Geiselwind, Germany. Covering 55 hectares,[1] the park offers over 100 attractions, including 6 roller coasters.[2]

Freizeit-Land Geiselwind
Previously known as Vogel-Pony-Märchenpark
Coordinates49°46′49″N 10°27′27″E / 49.78028°N 10.45750°E / 49.78028; 10.45750
OpenedJune 29, 1969; 54 years ago (1969-06-29)
OwnerMatthias Mölter
Attendance>250000 (2019)
Area55 ha (140 acres)

History edit

The park was founded in 1969 by Ernst Mensinger under the name "Vogel-Pony-Märchenpark" (fairy tale park with birds and ponies). It was opened next to a newly built section of the Federal Motorway A3.[3] In the beginning, the park had a focus on animals. Later, more and more amusement rides were added. For several decades Acapulco divers entertained the visitors.

The new owner after the death of Mensinger in 2017 is Matthias Mölter.[4]

Roller Coasters edit

Ride Name Opened Manufacturer Model/Type Max. Height Length
Boomerang 2000 Vekoma Boomerang 35.5 m 285 m
Cobra 2018 Interpark Wild Wind 10.1 m 200 m
Blauer Enzian 1989 Mack Rides Blauer Enzian 234 m
Piraten Spinner 1994 Zierer Spinning Coaster 100 m
Doggy Dog 2017 SBF Visa Group Family Coaster
Drachen Höhle 2019 Zierer Hell Diver 6.9 m 384 m

The last four roller coasters don't have an inversion. Cobra has one inversion and Boomerang three (six per ride).

Further attractions edit

Name Picture Type Opened Manufacturer
Flugmaschine   Condor 1994 Huss
Piraten Schleuder Breakdance 1994 Huss
Top of the World   Gyro tower 1998/1999 Nauta-Bussink
Tower of Fear Drop tower 2017 Rodlsberger
Volcano   Shot'N Drop 2003/2018 Huss
Wildwasserbahn   Log flume 2017 Reverchon Industries
Auge des Drachen   Dance Party 2019 SBF Visa Group
Merlin and the Magic Circle Sling Shot 2021 Funtime

This list of attractions is incomplete.

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