Freinsheim station

Freinsheim station is a station in Freinsheim in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is at the junction of the Palatinate Northern Railway and the Freinsheim–Frankenthal railway. The station is one of the most important railway junction in the Palatinate. It is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 4 station.[2]

Junction station
Bahnhof Freinsheim.JPG
LocationFreinsheim, Rhineland-Palatinate
Coordinates49°30′09″N 08°12′17″E / 49.50250°N 8.20472°E / 49.50250; 8.20472Coordinates: 49°30′09″N 08°12′17″E / 49.50250°N 8.20472°E / 49.50250; 8.20472
Other information
Station code1907
DS100 codeRFHM[1]
Category4 [2]
Opened20 July 1860


The station was opened on 20 July 1860 as part of the Bad DurkheimGrünstadt section on the Palatine Northern Railway.[3] On 15 October 1877, the station was upgraded with the opening of the line to Frankenthal.[4]


The station has three platforms tracks and two platforms. One platform is used by trains towards Neustadt or Grünstadt on the Palatinate Northern Railway, while the other platform is used by trains coming from Frankenthal or Grünstadt running on the Freinsheim–Frankenthal line. The station building, which was built as a single block, is no longer used.

The station is located on the western outskirts of Freinsheim. To the south of the station is the junction of the Freinsheim–Frankenthal line with the Palatine Northern Railway. The station has an important function as a node in the Palatinate due to its central location in the Frankenthal-Grünstadt-Bad Dürkheim triangle.

The station building, a three-story stucco building with a sandstone portico and a wooden roof, was built in 1872/73 and is a listed building.[5]


Freinsheim station is served exclusively by local services. The two lines are operated mainly by class 628 electric multiple units. Services run between Neustadt and Freinsheim every half hour on week days. Once an hour these continue to Grünstadt. Trains from Frankenthal end in Ramsen on weekdays; they only continue to Eiswoog on Sundays and public holidays.

Line Route Frequency
RB 46 FrankenthalFreinsheimGrünstadt – Ramsen ( – Eiswoog) 0Hourly
RB 45 Neustadt (Weinstr) HbfBad DürkheimFreinsheim ( – Grünstadt) 0Every half hour
Preceding station   DBAG   Following station
toward Neustadt
RB 45
Pfälzische Nordbahn
toward Grünstadt
RB 46
toward Eiswoog


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