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Frederick VI of Hohenstaufen (February 1167 – 20 January 1191) was duke of Swabia from 1170 until his death at the siege of Acre.

Frederick VI
Duke of Swabia
Duke of Swabia
Reign28 November 1170 – 20 January 1191
PredecessorFrederick V
SuccessorConrad II
BornFebruary 1167
Died (aged 23)
Noble familyHouse of Hohenstaufen
FatherFrederick I Barbarossa
MotherBeatrice I, Countess of Burgundy


He was born in Modigliana, the third son of Frederick I Barbarossa and Beatrice I, Countess of Burgundy and brother of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor.[1] Frederick was betrothed to the princess Constance of Hungary, but they never married.

As part of his father's army, Frederick of Swabia commanded the van while Barbarossa commanded the rearguard.[2] Upon hearing his father's troops were under attack, he rushed back to reinforce, but was too late.[2] Following his father's death, Frederick took command of the German forces and led them south towards Antioch.[3] By October 1190, he had arrived at Acre with 700 knights.[4] While at Acre he wrote his brother, Henry, asking for him to gain papal recognition for the hospital at Acre.[1] He died of disease, aged 23, at Acre.[5]

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Preceded by
Frederick V
Duke of Swabia
Succeeded by
Conrad II