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Franz Ludwick Fick (18 May 1813 – 31 December 1858) was a professor of anatomy at the University of Marburg.

Franz Ludwig Fick
Ludwick Fick (1813-1858).png
Franz Ludwig Fick (1813-1858)
Born(1813-05-18)May 18, 1813
DiedDecember 31, 1858(1858-12-31) (aged 45)
Alma materUniversity of Marburg
Known forCerebral phantom
Scientific career
InstitutionsUniversity of Marburg
Doctoral advisorChristian Heinrich Bünger
Doctoral studentsAdolf Fick
Other notable studentsCarl Ludwig
He is the brother of the German physiologist Adolf Eugen Fick who invented tonometry. He is the father of the German ophthalmologist Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick who invented the contact lens.


In 1835, he received his MD under Bünger from the University of Marburg.


Fick studied the developmental mechanics of bone growth, especially of the skull. He invented the cerebral phantom - an openable paper model showing the various parts of the brain that became the prototype of openable figures in medical texts. Fick wrote texts on human anatomy and pathology. He studied the mechanism of vision and the function of the retina. He investigated the function and performance of the taste buds and described the anatomy of elephant's ears.

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