Franz Leopold Lafontaine

Franz Anton Leopold Lafontaine (14 January 1756 – 12 December 1812) was a military surgeon. He was known as the editor of the first Polish medical journal and for his work on catarrh.

Franz Leopold Lafontaine
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Franz Leopold Lafontaine
Franz Anton Leopold

(1756-01-14)14 January 1756
Died12 December 1812(1812-12-12) (aged 56)
Known forWork on catarrh
Spouse(s)Maria Theresia Kornély

Franz Leopold Lafontaine with his wife Maria Theresia Kornély and daughters Zofia and Wiktoria

Lafontaine was the maternal grandfather of Princess Julia of Battenberg. Through her, Lafontaine is an ancestor to Charles, Prince of Wales and other descendants of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in the British Royal Family, and also an ancestor to current members of the Spanish Royal Family, including King Felipe VI of Spain.


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