Frank Matano

Francesco Matano (born 14 September 1989) is an Italian actor, presenter and voice actor. He gained notoriety in 2008 by publishing videos of telephone jokes on YouTube. He is the first Italian Youtuber to reach one million subscribers.

Frank Matano
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Francesco Matano

(1989-09-14) 14 September 1989 (age 31)
OccupationActor, voice actor
Years active2013–present
Height1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)

He later participated in the television shows Le Iene, as an envoy and presenter, and Italia's Got Talent, as a judge.


Frank Matano was born in Santa Maria Capua Vetere from an Italian father and an American mother of Italian parents, but he grew up and lives in Carinola. During his teens he studied languages in the United States, graduating from Cranston High School East, Rhode Island.[1] Back in Italy, starting from 2007, at the age of 18, he reaches the success on the web thanks to his YouTube channel consisting mainly of videos of telephone jokes and social experiments.[2][3] Together with Willwoosh and ClioMakeUp, Matano is considered among the first and most famous Italian youtuber.

In 2009 comes the first television experience, for the program Le Iene and the following year leads a program on Sky, dedicated to telephone jokes, called Sky Scherzando ?. In 2011 he participated in the program I leave a song by Antonella Clerici, conducting short interviews with the cast boys. In 2012 he participated in the Lost in Google webseries with the JackaL and in September of the same year participated in the 2012 program before dying on La3, together with Jacopo Morini, and then appeared in the video of the song Inadequate Guy by Max Pezzali .

In 2013 he made his film debut by entering the cast of the film Fuga di cervelli, directed by Paolo Ruffini.[4] Also in 2013, he created a second channel on YouTube dedicated to the world of videogames called "FRANK MATANO Games". In 2014 he is seen as an actor for another film, Tutto molto bello, also directed by Paolo Ruffini, released in cinemas from October 9, 2014.[5] Also in 2014 Frank joins the Italian dubbers, dubbing the animated South Park series. In 2015 he appeared on television as an envoy of Le Iene, presenting: Seriously, planning jokes with victims Paolo Brosio and Paolo Ruffini. In the same year he returns to the cinema and takes part, together with Claudio Bisio, in the film Ma che bella sorpresa, directed by Alessandro Genovesi and in cinemas from 11 March 2015. In the same period, he also returns to television as a judge to Italia's got talent. In May 2015 he was consecrated "Person revelation of the year" at the 2015 TV Direction Award.

In 2016 he leads Le Iene with Ilary Blasi and Giampaolo Morelli on Sunday. From October 16, 2016 Matano leads the midweek episode, always supporting the same colleagues. Double then, end 2015 / beginning 2016, Duke Donnolesi of Zootropolis, where he always collaborates with Paolo Ruffini who double the character of Yax. From November 2017 together with Claudio Bisio leads The Comedians, broadcast on TV8. In 2018 he starred in the film I'm back, directed by Luca Miniero. Also in 2018, he was the protagonist of another film Tuna Spiaggiato, directed by Matteo Martinez. On 4 February 2018 he participates as a competitor along with Iva Zanicchi at the special edition of Guess My Age - Guess the age led by Enrico Papi on the Italian channel TV8.


As actorEdit

Year Title Role
2013 Fuga di cervelli Franco
2014 Tutto molto bello Antonio
2015 What a Beautiful Surprise Paolo
2018 I'm Back Andrea Canaletti
Tonno spiaggiato
2019 Beware the Gorilla Lorenzo Caputo

As voice actorEdit

Year Title Role
2014 South Park
2016 Zootopia Duke Weaselton


  • Sky Scherzando? (2010)
  • Ti lascio una canzone (2011)
  • 2012 prima di morire (2012)
  • Scherzi da paura (2013)
  • X-LOVE (Stand Up Comedy) (2014)
  • Scherzi a parte (2015)
  • Italia's Got Talent (2015-)
  • Planet's Got Talent (2015)
  • Tale e quale show (2015)
  • Le Iene (2016)
  • The Comedians (2017)
  • Guess My Age - Indovina l'età (2018)


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