Francisco Laranjo

Francisco Laranjo is a contemporary Portuguese painter and educator.

Laranjo was born in 1955 Lamego, Portugal. He is Head of School of Arts[1] and Associate Professor of Porto University and has been lecturer in many universities in cities such as Bilbao, Ottawa, Sheffield, Alexandria, Sofia, Paris and Athens. As an artist, he has exhibited extensively and in several countries: Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Canada, India, United Kingdom, China among others. From his many individual shows, it is possible to underline the following in Porto, [Iter Duriense, Nasoni Gallery, 1993], UK, [Simultaneities, Lanchester Gallery, Coventry and The Gallery in Cork Street, London, 1997], Aylmer, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario, Canada [Intimate Land, Chateau Cartier and Camões Institute, 1998], Rio de Janeiro, Brasil [Espelho, Museum of the Republic, 2002], Riga, Latvia [Recent Work, Latvian Academy of Art and Bastejs Gallery, 2002]. Laranjo received several scholarships for post-graduate research, including grants from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (1981–83), National Scientific Board (Egypt and The Netherlands, 1995), European Comity (1995–1999) and the Goethe Institut, Dresden, Germany. Francisco Laranjo lives and works in Porto, Portugal.

Museums and Public CollectionsEdit

JAP, Modern Art Centre, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal Institute of Contemporary Arts, Kunsan National University, Republic of Corea Ministry of Culture, Porto, Portugal Ministry of Financies Collection, Lisbon, Portugal[2] Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Museum, Amarante, Portugal Serralves Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto, Portugal MARGS, Museu de Arte de Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil ASP, Museum Wroclaw, Poland Macao Cultural Centre, People's Republic of China Teixeira Lopes House Museum, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Other institutions in which is representedEdit

Banco Borges & Irmão, Banco Comercial de Macau, Millennium - BCP, Banco de Fomento Nacional, Banco de Portugal, Banco Espírito Santo & Comercial de Lisboa, Banco Internacional do Funchal, Banco Português do Atlântico, Banco Português de Investimento, Banque Nationale de Paris, BIC - Banco Internacional de Crédito, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Porto University - School of Arts, Porto University - School of Humanities, Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, Engo António de Almeida Foundation, Fundação Oriente, Porto Polytechnic Institute, Portugal Telecom


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