François de Mailly

François de Mailly (1658–1721) was a French archbishop and Cardinal.[1]

François de Mailly
Cardinal, Archbishop of Reims
Mailly 08493 copie.jpg
ChurchRoman Catholic Church
Consecration11 May 1698
by Toussaint de Forbin de Janson
Created cardinal29 November 1719
by Pope Clement XI
Personal details
Born4 Mar 1658
Died13 Sep 1721 (age 63)


Born at Nesle, he had ultramontane views, and was a stern opponent of Jansenism. He was a critic of Jean Meslier.[2] On 11 May 1698, he was consecrated bishop by Toussaint de Forbin de Janson, Bishop of Beauvais, with Gabriel de Roquette, Bishop of Autun, and François Chevalier de Saulx, Bishop of Alès, serving as co-consecrators.[3][4] He was Archbishop of Arles from 1697, then Archbishop of Reims from 1710.


His father was Louis-Charles de Nesle, marquis de Nesle.[5]


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