A frame is often a structural system that supports other components of a physical construction and/or steel frame that limits the construction's extent.

Frame and FRAME may also refer to:

Physical objects edit

In building construction edit

  • Framing (construction), a building term known as light frame construction
  • Framer, a carpenter who assembles major structural elements in constructing a building
  • A-frame, a basic structure designed to bear a load in a lightweight economical manner
  • Door frame or window frame, fixed structures to which the hinges of doors or windows are attached
  • Frame and panel, a method of woodworking
  • Space frame, a method of construction using lightweight or light materials
  • Timber framing, a method of building for creating framed structures of heavy timber or willow wood

In vehicles edit

Other physical objects edit

  • Frame (loudspeaker) or basket, a structural component which supports the functional components of a loudspeaker
  • Bed frame, the part of a bed used to position the mattress and base
  • Climbing frame or jungle gym, a piece of equipment for children's play
  • Eyeglass frame
  • Lever frame, a railway signalling device containing interlocks for signals, points (railroad switches) etc.
  • Picture frame, a solid border around a picture or painting
  • Receiver (firearms) or frame, one of the basic parts of a modern firearm
  • Spinning frame, an invention of the Industrial Revolution for spinning thread or yarn from fibre such as wool or cotton
  • Water frame, a water-powered spinning frame which was an easy way to create cotton
  • Frame (beekeeping), a wooden frame designed to hold an area of honeycomb in a Langstroth-type beehive

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Computing and telecommunications edit

In displays edit

  • Frame (GUI), a box used to hold other widgets in a graphical user interface
  • Film frame, one of the many single photographic images in a motion picture
  • Photographic film frame, one of the many segments recorded in a photographic film
  • Frame rate, the number of frames—or images—displayed on screen per unit of time, usually expressed in frames per second (FPS)
  • Framing (World Wide Web), a method of displaying multiple HTML documents on one page of a web browser
    • Iframes, a frame element in HTML code

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