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A framer in the United States nailing the roof decking to prefabricated trusses using a nail gun. His tool belt and safety glasses are typical. Hearing protection and fall arrest equipment is missing.

A framer is someone who frames (shapes or gives shape to or someone who constructs).[1]

Building industryEdit

In building construction a framer is a carpenter who assembles the major structural elements of a wood-framed building called the framing. Framers build walls out of studs, sills, and headers; build floors from joists and beams; and frame roofs using ridge poles and rafters. Timber framers are framers who work in the traditional style of timber framing with wooden joinery.

Traditional chair making industryEdit

In the traditional chair making industry, it was the bodger who produced the turned parts of a chair and the benchman who produced the splats, side rails and other sawn parts. However it was the framer who assembled and finished the chair with the parts supplied by the bodger and benchman.[2]


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