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Fox (Hebrew: פוקס‎) is an Israeli-based fashion chain specializing in women's, men's, children's, and babies' fashions: FOX, FOX MEN, FOX KIDS, FOX HOME and FOX BABY.

Fox-Wizel Ltd.
פוקס-ויזל בע"מ
Public (TASEFOX)
FoundedMandatory Palestine
Area served
Key people
Avraham Fox (Chairman, CO-CEO)[1]
Harel Wizel (CO-CEO, Director)[1]
ProductsClothing, fashion accessories (in Hebrew)


A Fox store
Fox Hoodie

Fox was founded in 1942 in pre-state Israel as Trico Fox Ltd. (Hebrew: טריקו פוקס בע"מ). After having its IPO on TASE in 2002, the company became Fox-Wizel Ltd. Today, Fox is an international chain with stores in ten countries:[2] Israel, Russia, Singapore, China, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Thailand, Panama and the Philippines. In Fall 2008, Fox stores opened in Canada.[1] There is also one store in Munich, Germany.[3]

There are 200 retail shops in Israel, 8 in Russia, 18 in Singapore, 87 point-of-sale (PoS) in China, 5 in Bulgaria, 2 in Croatia, 21 in Romania, 32 PoS in Thailand, and 30 PoS in Panama, as well as other retailers, wholesalers and franchisers abroad.[1]

Fox also has a joint partnership (50%) in Laline Candles & Soaps Ltd. which sells lotions, soaps, scented oils and candles.[1] The company is headquartered in Ben Gurion International Airport, near Tel Aviv.[1]

In 2008, Fox encountered criticism and faced a potential consumer boycott in Israel when they signed Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli,[2] who avoided Israel's mandatory military service via a nuptial exemption for a marriage lasting a short period of time,[4][5][6] on a $300,000 campaign deal.[7] Fox responded by having Refaeli plan to act as an IDF "Enlistment Officer" and visit injured soldiers at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer every time she arrives in Israel.[7][8]


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