Formosa Magazine, also known as Mei-li-tao (Chinese: 『美麗島』雜誌; pinyin: Měilìdǎo Zázhì; Wade–Giles: Mei-li-tao Tsa-chi; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Bí-lē-tó Cha̍p-chìw), was a magazine created by Tangwai individuals in Taiwan during the summer of 1979. It opposed the Kuomintang's political monopoly in the Republic of China government. A police raid of the Formosa Press caused the Kaohsiung Incident in December 1979.

Formosa Magazine
First issue of Formosa Magazine, dated 16 August 1979
Chief EditorChang Chun-hung
General ManagerShih Ming-teh
EditorHsu Hsin-liang
EditorAnnette Lu
Circulation ManagerLin Yi-hsiung
Format21 cm
PublisherHuang Hsin-chieh
Total circulation
First issue16 August 1979 (1979-08-16)
Final issue
November 1979
Vol 1 No 4[1]
LanguageChinese language

There were 61 participants; less than ten were truly active, namely,

The opening celebration took place in Mandarina Crown Hotel (中泰賓館) in the afternoon of 8 September 1979.[1] A blockade by the military ensued, sometimes known as the Mandarina Crown Hotel Incident. For the next three months until the raid, branches were opened throughout Taiwan. Opening were followed by speeches and conferences.


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