Foreign Intelligence Service (Armenia)

The Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) is Armenia's primary external intelligence agency. It is part of the Government of Armenia under the direct supervision of the Office of the Prime Minister of Armenia.[1]

History edit

In late 2022, the National Assembly of Armenia announced the intent to create a foreign intelligence service, based on assets within the National Security Service (the NSS's Intelligence Department) and the Armed Forces of Armenia.[2][3] Armen Grigorian, the secretary of the Security Council, announced it will be tasked with “collecting information about the security situation around Armenia.”[2] Opposition lawmakers criticized the government, with Gegham Manukian of the opposition Hayastan bloc sayin that it will "only weaken the existing structures within the NSS and the Defense Ministry.”[3] In October 2023, Kristine Grigoryan, a former Human Rights Ombudsman, was appointed as the FIS's first director.[4][5]

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