Football at the 1994 Goodwill Games

The men's football competition at the 1994 Goodwill Games consisted of a single all-star match on 7 August 1994. It was played between Russia and a World XI at Kirov Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This was the first instance of football being played at the Goodwill Games.

Football at the 1994 Goodwill Games
Kirov stadium.jpg
Kirov Stadium in Saint Petersburg hosted the match.
Event1994 Goodwill Games
Date7 August 1994 (1994-08-07)
VenueKirov Stadium, Saint Petersburg
Man of the MatchOmari Tetradze (Russia)[1]
RefereeVadim Zhuk (Belarus)[1]

Russia defeated the World All-Stars 2–1 to win the football competition.[2]


The competition was the first time football was played at the Goodwill Games.[3][4] The fixture was an all-star game between the Russia national team and a "World XI" selection. The match was Russia's first since the 1994 FIFA World Cup months earlier, where the team finished third in their group and were eliminated.[5] The Russian team, under new manager Oleg Romantsev, included six players from their World Cup squad squad: Dmitri Khlestov, Yuriy Nikiforov, Andrey Pyatnitsky, Vladislav Ternavsky, Omari Tetradze and Ilya Tsymbalar.[6] Prior to the match, there was speculation that stars from the 1994 World Cup would be included in the World XI, including Golden Ball winner Romário of Brazil. However, this did not come to fruition due to many players being bound by their club contracts, and thus only two players from the prior World Cup were selected for the World All-Stars: Bulgarian Boncho Genchev and American Roy Wegerle. Due to a shortage in players for the All-Stars, two Russian forwards – both also at the 1994 World Cup – also joined the team: Dmitri Radchenko and Oleg Salenko.[6] Franz Beckenbauer was planned as the manager for the All-Stars, but was unable to attend due to contractual stipulations requiring his presence in Japan. Fellow German Udo Lattek instead coached the World XI. The exhibition match, which was unofficial for Russia, was played on 7 August 1994 as part of the closing ceremony of the 1994 Goodwill Games.[7] Unlimited substitutions were allowed, and players who were substituted out were allowed to re-enter the match.[1]



Russia  2–1  World All-Stars
  • Tetradze   22'
  • Radimov   87'
World All-Stars
GK 1 Zaur Khapov
DF 2 Dmitri Khlestov
DF 3 Ramiz Mamedov   55'
DF 4 Yuriy Nikiforov
MF 5 Rashid Rakhimov   78'
MF 6 Ilya Tsymbalar
MF 7 Valery Yesipov   63'
MF 9 Andrey Pyatnitsky (c)
MF 10 Omari Tetradze
FW 8 Vladimir Niederhaus   46'
FW 11 Igor Simutenkov
GK 12 Yevgeni Plotnikov
DF 15 Vladislav Ternavsky   55'
MF 14 Aleksei Kosolapov   78'
MF 16 Vladislav Radimov   63'
MF 18 Robert Yevdokimov   46'
Oleg Romantsev
GK 1   Toni Schumacher   46'
DF 2   Nir Klinger   73'
DF 3   Roy Wegerle
DF 4   Miodrag Božović
MF 5   Zbigniew Boniek (c)   83'
MF 7   Jarosław Araszkiewicz[note 1]
MF 10   Lajos Détári
MF 18   Boncho Genchev   32'   46'
FW 6   Dmitri Radchenko   46'   60'
FW 8   Jørn Andersen
FW 19   Oleg Salenko   60'   73'
GK 12   Silviu Lung   46'
MF 13   Oğuz Çetin   32'
  Udo Lattek

Man of the Match:
Omari Tetradze (Russia)[1]

Assistant referees:[1]
Oleg Chikun (Belarus)
Yuri Dupanov (Belarus)

Match rules[1]

  • 90 minutes.
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores level.
  • Unlimited substitutions, with re-entry allowed.



There were 3 goals scored in 1 match, for an average of 3 goals per match.

1 goal

Tournament rankingEdit

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Final result
1   Russia (H) 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 3 Gold medal
2   World All-Stars 1 0 0 1 1 2 −1 0 Silver medal
Source: Goodwill Games[2]
(H) Host

Medal summaryEdit

Medal tableEdit

  *   Host nation (Russia)

1  Russia*1001
2World All-Stars0101
Totals (2 entries)1102


Event Gold Silver
Football[2]   Russia
Zaur Khapov
Dmitri Khlestov
Aleksei Kosolapov
Ramiz Mamedov
Vladimir Niederhaus
Yuriy Nikiforov
Yevgeni Plotnikov
Andrey Pyatnitsky
Vladislav Radimov
Rashid Rakhimov
Igor Simutenkov
Vladislav Ternavsky
Omari Tetradze
Ilya Tsymbalar
Valery Yesipov
Robert Yevdokimov
World All-Stars
Jørn Andersen
Jarosław Araszkiewicz[note 1]
Zbigniew Boniek
Miodrag Božović
Oğuz Çetin
Lajos Détári
Boncho Genchev
Nir Klinger
Silviu Lung
Dmitri Radchenko
Oleg Salenko
Toni Schumacher
Roy Wegerle


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