Foot Village

Foot Village is a tribal noise rock band from Los Angeles, consisting of four drummers of which two also do the vocals.

Band members Brian Miller and Grace Lee come from the band Gang Wizard, Josh Taylor was in Friends Forever. Foot Village is connected to The Smell scene and collaborated for their 2009 album Anti-magic with a series of artists like AIDS Wolf, Jason Forrest, Kyle Mabson, Narwhalz, Tussle and Death Sentence: Panda!, Poingly, Radio Shock, and more. The album raised attention and got reviewed by Pitchfork Media, Rough Trade, Vice magazine and Tiny Mix Tapes. A tour through the USA and Europe followed in late 2009.

The band also appears on the compilation DVD Live at the Smell and on a VPRO video, filmed at an Amsterdam show.[1] The track "Wherever the Fuck Arnold Schwarzenegger's From" appears on the Methodist Leisure Inc freebie funcore compilation Short Attention Span (2009, Methodist Leisure Inc.)

The band have been chosen by Portishead to perform at the ATP I'll Be Your Mirror festivals that they have curated in July 2011 at London's Alexandra Palace.[2] and in September 2011 in Asbury Park, New Jersey.[3]

In June 2012, the band began a video series in support of their new record, Make Memories, which culminated with the album's trailer in early December. On December 21, 2012, the band released the first music video and track from the new record, "The End of the World". The video ends with a phone number where you can listen to the new record and leave a message for the band. The album was released by Northern Spy Records on March 19, 2013.


  • Fuck The Future, 2007
  • Friendship Nation, 2008
  • Fuck The Future II, 2009
  • Anti-magic, 2009
  • Make Memories, 2013 (Northern Spy Records)


  • Live at the Smell, DVD


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