Songkick is an American technology company that provides concert discovery services and ticket sales for live music events. Songkick’s web and mobile app allows users to track touring artists, receive alerts for concerts in their area and purchase tickets to shows, using technology and services that run and manage ticket sales on behalf of artists.

IndustryLive Music
  • Matt Jones (CEO)
New York
United States
Area served
Key people
Roger Denys Booker[1]
BrandsSongkick, Tourbox
ParentWarner Music Group[2]


Songkick was founded in 2007 by Ian Hogarth, Michelle You and Pete Smith[3] as part of the 2007 Y Combinator program, a seed accelerator that focuses on technology start-ups. Songkick's initial business model, based on its concert discovery service, was based on referral fees from ticketing companies.[4] The company launched its first mobile application in 2011. In June 2015, Songkick merged with CrowdSurge, an artist ticketing services provider.[5] CrowdSurge was founded by Matt Jones in 2008,[6] and he and Hogarth have said they decided to merge the two companies to correct “a massive inefficiency in the market.”[7] The combined company continues under the Songkick brand. Jones and Hogarth served as co-CEOs of Songkick until Jones took on the role of CEO in January 2016.[8][9]

The Warner Music group announced in July 2017 that they had acquired Songkick's app for finding concerts and the company’s trademark for $5M.[10][11] The app will continue to operate as a standalone brand overseen by Warner Music’s artist and label services division.

Songkick CEO Matt Jones announced in October 2017 the company would cease selling tickets at the end of the month, a process begun "earlier this year when Ticketmaster and Live Nation effectively blocked our US ticketing business".[12] In January 2018 Live Nation settled its lawsuit with Songkick for $110M.[13]

Songkick has systems to detect ticket resellers, reduce the incentive for reselling (e.g., by creating general admissions areas, rather than assigned seats) and make it easier for regular fans to buy tickets (e.g., by having multiple releases of tickets, not just one release) that have reduced the percentage of concert tickets that end up in the secondary market to 1.5 percent of the total.[14]

Awards and recognitionEdit

  • 2017: Webby Awards Honoree for Best Music Mobile Site/App[15]
  • 2017: Fast Company - Fifth Most Innovative Company in Music, 2017[16]
  • 2017: Music Week Awards - Nominated for Best Ticketing Company[17]
  • 2014: Winner, Best Technology for Marketing an Event / Building Event Attendance[18]
  • 2012: Webby Awards Honoree for Best Music Mobile Site/App[19]
  • 2011: Music Week Consumer-Facing Digital Music Service of the Year[20]
  • 2010: #3 on Billboard Magazine’s 10 Best Digital Music Startups of 2010[21]
  • 2010: Best Innovation Award at the 2010 BT Digital Music Awards[22]


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