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Foonly Inc. was an American computer company formed by Dave Poole[2] in 1976[4], that produced a series of DEC PDP-10 compatible computers, named Foonly F-1 to Foonly F-5[5].

Foonly, Inc.
Fate Dissolved
Founded June 7, 1976; 42 years ago (1976-06-07)[1]
Founder Dave W Poole[2]
Defunct April 19, 1989 (1989-04-19)[1]
Headquarters Mountain View, California[3], United States
Products Supercomputers
Computer hardware
Computer software

The first and most famous Foonly machine, the F-1, was the computer used by Triple-I to create some of the Computer-generated imagery in the 1982 film Tron[2].



At the beginning of the 1970s, the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) began to study the building of a new supercomputer to replace their DEC PDP-10 KA-10, by a far more powerfull machine, with a funding of the DARPA[2]. This project was named "Super-Foonly", and was developed by a team led by Phil Petit, Jack Holloway, and Dave Poole[2][6].
In 1974, the DARPA cut the funding, and a large part of the team went to DEC to develop the PDP-10 model KL10, based on the Super-Foonly project[2].

But Dave Poole, with Phil Petit and Jack Holloway, preferred to found the Foonly Company in 1976[4], to try to build a series of computers based on the Super-Foonly project.

Their first and most powerful computer, the Foonly F-1, built with the help of Triple-I, began operations in 1978[4]. It was the fastest DEC PDP-10 compatible machine, but only one was ever made[2].

During the early 1980s, Foonly built and sold some low cost DEC PDP-10 compatibles machines[4][2][5], but in 1983, after the cancellation of the DEC Jupiter Project, Foonly proposed to build a new Foonly F-1, but was eclipsed by the SC Group company and their Mars project, and the company never quite recovered[2].


Model MIPS Word Size Frequency Memory Price !bays Power
Foonly F-1 4.5 MIPS 36 bits 11.1 MHz 18 MB $700 000 4 5 KW
Foonly F-2 0.5 MIPS 36 bits 2.8 MHz 4.5 MB $150 000 1 0.5 KW
Foonly F-4 1.4 MIPS 36 bits 8 MHz 9 MB $300 000 1 1 KW
Foonly F-4B 1.8 MIPS 36 bits 8 MHz 9 MB $350 000 1 1.5 KW
Foonly F-5 0.3 MIPS 36 bits 3.3 MHz 2.25 MB $80 000 0.5 0.8 KW

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