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Florin Chilian (born 14 December 1968) is a Romanian musician, composer, guitarist vocalist and journalist.

Florin Chilian
Florin Chilian.jpg
Florin Chilian in concert (2010)
Background information
Born (1968-12-14) 14 December 1968 (age 50)
Bucharest, Romania
Occupation(s)Musician, composer, vocalist
Years active1986 – present
LabelsSoft Records, Roton, Luna PR & Events



Florin Chilian was born in 1968 in Bucharest in a poor family. His parents got separated early in his childhood.[1]

Life and careerEdit

As a young boy he practiced cycling for six years. He won several times the title of national champion (years 1981-1985) in cycling junior competitions categories road bicycle racing, track cycling individual and team pursuits.[2]
He has a high school diploma, but no studies in music at all, considering himself a "self-made man" in matters related to music.[2][1]

Musical careerEdit

The man who guided his very first steps in music was Marcel Condruz, who was his childhood friend.[1]
He starts playing music during high school, as soloist and guitarist in Rubin, a group created by him. Between 1984 and 1987, he gets the first prize in Cântarea României, the most important Romanian artistic competition of those times.[2][1]

In 1985, as he was part on the audience in a concert performed by Valeriu Sterian and his sound company, he discovers "Shambala", a song performed by Doru Stănculescu. And this song will change his life. He decides to give up cycling and starts playing the guitar.[2]
In 1985, after giving up sports, in order to make a living, he becomes technician working for Valeriu Sterian's band.
His first solo show on a stage was in 1986, at Universitas Club. Mircea Vintilă lends him his own guitar for the concert.[2][1]

In 2001, at the age of 33, with the price of personal financial sacrifices, he managed to release his first album, Iubi - Interface to Reality. The album was initially refused by all the Romanian record labels. Eventually he manages to put it on the market at Soft Records.[3][4] Romulus Arhire was the one who helped him put the album on the market at Soft Records. The album gets immediate appreciation from the so-called 'underground' public. In 2002, Florin Chilian has his first concert as a professional artist. But the album is still not broadcast on radio or TV. It contains two hits: "Iubi" and "Chiar dacă".

In 2004 he signed a contract with Roton record label and in September of the same year he released his second album Ten Commandments, Report of the State of the Nation, 1989-2004. The First Step, which contains the hit "Zece". The album is based on the musical interpretation of the 10 Bible Commandments. Florin Chilian becomes the first artist who reinterpreted the Ten Commandments through music. Nobody else ever did that. The struggle continues. Radio and TV stations still refuse to play "Zece". "Only voice and piano it's something that we enjoyed in the 16/th century", they said. Things finally changed when Giovanni Francesco, MTV Romania general manager decides to put on air at radio "Zece".... His song "Zece" was widely broadcast on radio and TV, and on YouTube it was the first Romanian song to reach the first million views and later over 10 million views.[5] The artist was awarded with Gold record and Platinum record for sales by Roton record label.[6]

In 2007 he re-edited the first album Iubi - Interface to Reality and one month after his release, he was awarded with Gold record and Platinum record for sales by Roton record label.[7]

In June 2010 he released his third album, The Autist, Do not Go Down on Brâncuşi!, an album that soon reached record sales. The artist was awarded with Gold record and Platinum record for sales by Roton record label.[8]

In 2017, he released the album Pre@Clasic at the Luna PR & Events record label. Pre@Clasic is a reinterpretation of classical music, the album is conceived and written entirely for string quartet - chamber music and voice. Through this album, he invented a new musical genre combining pop with pre-classic music.[9]

Between 2005 and 2009, at the suggestion of Florian Pittiş, he presented a talk show at Radio Romania Youth.

Between 2007-2009, he had his own heading column in the Jurnalul Național, signing an editorial weekly. He also signed editions in the Cotidianul newspaper.

For all his musical works he is composer, lyricist and performer.

He is member of the Union of Composers and Musicologists from Romania and PRS.

Florin Chilian is known to be one of the Romanian artists who is actively and consistently involved in numerous charity acts, much of the money he earned in concerts being donated to those in need.[10][11][12]


During his career, Florin Chilian received the following awards:

Main musical creationsEdit

  • Zece (English translation Ten)
  • Chiar dacă
  • Iubi
  • Nevastă-mea
  • Imnul de stat



TV SeriesEdit

  • Cu un pas înainte (2007) ProTV.[15]



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