Cotidianul (meaning The Daily in English) is a Romanian-language newspaper published in Bucharest, Romania.

TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Academia Caţavencu, through Realitatea-Caţavencu
Editor-in-chiefCornel Nistorescu
EditorDoru Buşcu
re-founded in 1991
re-launched in 2003
CountryRomania Edit this at Wikidata
Old logo of Cotidianul newspaper, used in the inter-war period, and in the early 1990s
The logo used between 2003 and 2007

History and profile edit

Founded by Ion Rațiu, Cotidianul was first published on 10 May 1991[1] and was the first privately held newspaper in Romania following the Romanian Revolution of 1989.[2] The paper had its headquarters in Bucharest.[1] It was published Monday to Saturday in Berliner format.

Cotidianul ceased print publication on 23 December 2009[1] due to financial difficulties, but remains active as an online news source.[2] The owners announced the closure was temporary due to insolvency, but no buyers was found.[3][4]

Since November 2016, the newspaper appears again in print.[5]

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