Flooded Belfry

Coordinates: 57°14′37.06″N 37°51′26.30″E / 57.2436278°N 37.8573056°E / 57.2436278; 37.8573056

The Kalyazin Bell Tower (Russian: Калязинская колокольня) is a Neoclassical campanile rising to a height of 74.5 metres (244 ft) over the waters of the Uglich Reservoir on the Volga River opposite the old town of Kalyazin, in Tver Oblast, northwestern Russia.

Kalyazin Bell Tower, a symbol of the old Russia that has disappeared after the Revolution


The steepled belfry was built in 1796—1800 as part of the Monastery of St. Nicholas, with a pentacupolar katholikon dating from 1694.[1] Of its 12 bells, the largest weighed some 1038 poods (17,000kg). It was cast in 1895 to commemorate the coronation of Nicholas II of Russia.[2]


When Joseph Stalin ordered the construction of the Uglich Dam in 1939 to form the Uglich Reservoir, the old parts of Kalyazin, including several medieval structures, were submerged under the reservoir's waters. This included the Saint Nicholas Monastery and Troitsky Makariev Monastery.

The katholikon was dismantled, while the campanile was left, a landmark towering above the water.[1]

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The campanile became the main destination of tourist interest in eastern Tver Oblast. The structure's islet was shored up underneath, and has a small pier for boats.

Orthodox Christians hold a Divine Service in the belfry several times a year.

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