Fleet Intelligence Command

The Fleet Intelligence Command belonged to the self-defense fleet of the Maritime Self-Defense Forces. It was previously known as Information Business Group.

Fleet Intelligence Command
Fleet Intelligence Command emblem.jpg
Fleet Intelligence Command emblem
Active20 January 1997 – present
BranchJapan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Part ofSelf-Defense Fleet
Anniversaries20 January
CommanderMajor general Ōkubo Katsuji


It was the only intelligence unit of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, which was organized as an information business group with the establishment of the Defense Intelligence Headquarters on January 20, 1997.

On 1 October 2020, the Information Business Group was abolished and the Fleet Intelligence Command was renewed. The Operation Information Support Corps, Electronic Information Support Corps, and Basic Information Support Corps were abolished, and the Operation Information Corps and Electromagnetic Information Corps were newly added.[1][2] With the new edition of the Fleet Intelligence Command, the capacity has been increased from about 200 to about 230, the efficiency of operations has been improved by integrating the units, the ability to collect and analyze electromagnetic wave information, etc. has been improved, and the information support function for the Self-Defense Fleet has been added.[3][4]

The main task is to analyze and distribute operational information necessary for units such as the Self-Defense Fleet and the District Corps that operate ships and aircraft.

The headquarters is located in the Marine Operations Center in the Funakoshi district (7-73, Funakoshi-cho, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture), and the commander of the Fleet Intelligence Command is assigned by the 1st class.[5][6][1]


Fleet Intelligence Command (Funakoshi)Edit

  • Information Management Office

Operation Information Corps (Funakoshi)Edit

  • General Corps
  • Strategy Information Department 1
  • Strategy Information Department 2
  • Strategy Information Department 3
  • Computer Science

Electromagnetic Information Corps (Funakoshi)Edit

  • General Corps
  • Computer Science
  • Electromagnetic Information Department 1
  • Electromagnetic Information Department 2
  • Research Guidance Department


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