Flag of Tatarstan

The flag of Tatarstan; (Russian: Флаг Татарста́на, Flag Tatarstana, Tatar: Татарстан байрагы); a republic of Russia, was introduced in 1991.

Flag of Tatarstan.svg
Adopted29 November 1991
DesignRed and green divided by a white fimbriation.
Designed byTäwil Xaziäxmätev
Flag of Tatar ASSR.svg
Flag of the Tatar ASSR
Adopted31 May 1978
DesignVariant of the flag of the Russian SFSR with the "Татарская АССР" inscription below the hammer and sickle.
Tatar Nationalist Flag.svg
Flag used by Tatar nationalists
DesignA field divided diagonally from left to right, with the top half being green and the bottom half red, defaced by a white star and crescent


The Supreme Council of the Tatar Soviet Socialist Republic adopted the flag on 29 November 1991 in its present form.[1] It was designed by T.G. Khaziakhmetov.[2]

The colours represent the Tatar majority and the Russian minority.

  • The Red band symbolises the fight for happiness, bravery, and courage of the Tatar people.
  • The White band symbolises peace, concord and an honest future between the Tatars and the Russians.
  • The Green band symbolises hope, freedom, wealth and solidarity with Islam.[1]

Tatar nationalists such as the All-Tatar Public Center use a different flag, divided diagonally by red and green and containing a white star and crescent in the center.

Proposed flags of TatarstanEdit


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