First battle of Solskjel

The First Battle of Solskjel (Slaget ved Solskjel) was the first engagement in Harald Fairhair's attempt to subjugate western Norway to his rule.[1]

First Battle of Solskjel
Part of unification of Norway
Dateca. 870
Result Vestfold victory
Kingdom of Vestfold Kingdom of Nordmøre
Kingdom of Romsdal
Commanders and leaders
Harald Fairhair Huntiof

The two kings of Nordmøre and Romsdal had joined forces to stop the fleet of king Harald, who was sailing south from Trøndelag. Harald was again victorious, and his two opponents Huntiof, King of Nordmøre and his father-in-law, King Nokkve of Romsdal, were both slain in battle. However Solve Klove, the son of King Huntiof escaped.[2]

After the battle Harald laid both countries under his rule, and stayed there for the rest of the summer.[3][4]

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