First Independent Films

First Independent Films was a British film distributor and home video company that replaced Vestron Video International's UK operations. HTV, the ITV franchise holder for Wales and the West of England, acquired Vestron UK in May 1990 and renamed the company to First Independent Films.[1][2][3]

First Independent Films
Film distributor, home video company
FateSold to Columbia TriStar Home Video
Founded1981 (as Vestron Video International)
1990 (as First Independent Films)
London, England
Columbia TriStar Home Video

Although a small film company, the company distributed a wide selection of genres, but they mainly served as a distributor for New Line Cinema and Turner Pictures Worldwide Distribution until they were sold to Warner Bros. in 1996. The company also distributed independent films.

Some films released by First Independent Films were distributed and marketed by Cinema Club, a home video company that specialises in movies owned by Video Collection International (now 2 Entertain).

Following the commercial failure of G.I. Jane in the UK, First Independent Films' owners (United News & Media, by this point the parent company of HTV) put the company up for sale.[1] First Independent Films was sold to Columbia TriStar Home Video (now Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) and the label was folded into Columbia TriStar in 1999. However, Columbia TriStar continued to use the First Independent Films label for some years afterwards.


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