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Fire and Ice (German: Feuer und Eis) is a German feature length sports film directed by Willy Bogner in 1986.



John (John Eaves) and Suzy (Suzy Chaffee) meet while skiing in Aspen, Colorado. They run into each other again in New York and John follows her around the country.


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While the movie has a plot, it is essentially irrelevant. The movie contains mainly freestyle skiing scenes with Willy Bogner as director and cameraman. John Denver does the voiceover narration for the English-language version, Emil Steinberger for the German version. Besides skiing scenes, the movie contains snowboarding, hanggliding and windsurfing scenes with sports talents Gianfranco L'Amore, Jan Bucher and Mike Waltze. Marietta Waters performed the title track Fire and Ice. With Fire and Ice, Bogner won the Bavarian Film Awards (Special Prize) in 1986, and a Bambi in 1985. Bogner directed a kind of sequel in 1990, named Fire, Ice and Dynamite.

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