Finger heart

The finger heart gesture is a trend that was popularized in South Korea during the 2010s. The thumb and index finger of one hand are crossed to form a heart shape: an invisible heart is implied above it.[1]

Finger heart
K-pop idol performing the finger heart gesture

Popular usageEdit

South Korean singer Chuu showing the finger heart gesture in her fan signing event

Before the appearance of finger hearts, it was common to make small hearts with two hands or to make large hearts by raising and curving both arms above the head. Conventionally, heart display using both hands and arms has been performed worldwide, but finger hearts are also called Korean Finger Hearts because they originated and became popular in South Korea.[citation needed]

Finger hearts got popularised by three celebrities, Korean actress Kim Hye-soo and K-pop artists Nam Woohyun and G-Dragon.

In South Korea, it is a known symbol among K-pop stars and their fans, and is popularly performed using the thumb and index finger.[2] The thumb and index finger gesture has become popular across Asia due to the popularity of K-pop and Korean dramas, and increasingly so in other parts of the world as a factor of the Korean Wave.

During the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, The North Face provided gloves with highlighted thumb and index finger sleeves to highlight this symbol.[3]

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