Kim Hye-soo (Korean김혜수; born September 5, 1970) is a South Korean actress. Kim was one of the most popular teen stars in the 1980s and 1990s. She is known for her headstrong independence and regularly playing strong-willed, sophisticated women.[2]

Kim Hye-soo
181024 김혜수.png
Kim in 2018
Born (1970-09-05) September 5, 1970 (age 52)
Busan, South Korea
Alma materDongguk University
Occupation(s)Actress, singer, artist
Years active1986–present
AgentHodu&U Entertainment [ko][1]
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Hye-su
McCune–ReischauerKim Hyesu

Kim began her career in an advertisement for Nestlé Milo in 1985. She made her film debut as a leading actress in the film Kambo (1986), for which she received her first accolade as Best New Actress at 1987 Baeksang Arts Awards. She was the youngest winner of the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Leading Actress in First Love (1993). Her most commercially successful role was Madam Jeong in the crime film Tazza: The High Rollers (2006), which also won her third Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress.

Aside from her performances in films, Kim has appeared in many successful television series, including Partner (1994-1998), Did We Really Love? (1999), Jang Hee Bin (2002), The Queen of Office (2013), Signal (2016), Hyena (2020), Juvenile Justice (2022), and Under the Queen's Umbrella (2022).

Early life and educationEdit

Kim Hye-soo was born on September 5, 1970, in Busan, Dongnae District, the second of five children. She moved to Seoul Midong Elementary School while she was in third grade at Busan National Elementary School due to her father's work. While in elementary school, she was a member of the national Taekwondo children's demonstration team, and in April 1982 was the flower girl to present a bouquet to Juan Antonio Samaranch, the seventh President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).[3]


1985–1991: Career beginnings and break into cinemaEdit

In 1985, Kim featured in a commercial for Nestlé Milo and as well as the first K-pop music video, Cho Yong-pil's title song Empty In The Air.[4] In 1986, Kim made her film debut on Kambo when she was a first-year high school student.[5] She also won Best New Actress for Kambo at 23rd Baeksang Arts Awards. Kim went on to play the leading roles in the television series Samogok (1987), Sun Shim-yi (1988), and Senoya (1989). She co-starred with Roh Joo-hyun in When The Flowers Bloom And The Birds Cry (1990). In 1991, she landed the main role in Lost Love.

1992–1998: Television series and film successEdit

Kim is referred to as a "Pencil Board Star" of the 1980's due to the popularity of pencil boards printed with her image.[6] She has also been named a part of the "Troika of the 1990s" in Korea along with her contemporaries Kim Hee-sun and Shim Eun-ha for their nationwide fame.[7] In 1993, Kim leaded the main role in the film First Love and gained critical acclaim for her portrayal of the archetypal innocent girl, winning a Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Leading Actress and earning her the title "Nation's First Love" although the film was a box-office failure.[8][9]

1999–2004: Development of her careerEdit

Over two decades, she amassed a sizeable filmography of leading and supporting roles, notably in the television series Did We Really Love? with Bae Yong-joon and Revenge and Passion with Ahn Jae-wook, as well as the film Tie a Yellow Ribbon (1998). In the 2000s, Kim focused more on her career in film rather than television, featuring in Kick the Moon, YMCA Baseball Team and Three.[10] At this time, she reinvented her image as a glamorous and confident femme fatale in Hypnotized (2004),[11]

2005–2011: Revival by TazzaEdit

Kim's roles in The Red Shoes (2005)[12] and Tazza: The High Rollers (2006) were her most recognised and entered her in the Korean film industry A-list.[10][13] Various film roles followed, such as a housewife secretly dating a college student in A Good Day to Have an Affair;[14] an unaffected aunt in Shim's Family;[15] a prostitute in Eleventh Mom[16] and a bar singer in Modern Boy (2008).[17] She considers her collaboration with Han Suk-kyu in 2010's Villain and Widow as one of the highlights of her acting career.[18][19] In 2009, Kim returned to television with Style, which is set in the fashion industry.[20][21][22][23] She followed that with the mystery melodrama Home Sweet Home in 2010.[24][25][26]

A frequent host of film awards ceremonies and TV variety shows, Kim signed on as the host of MBC current affairs show W.[27] Kim, an avid watcher of documentaries, was found by the production team to be a fit for the programme as that began to focus more on environmental and global issues.[28] W with Kim Hye-soo premiered in July 2010, but was cancelled in October 2010, with Kim criticizing the network's decision.[26]

2012–2015: Film successEdit

In 2012, she reunited with Tazza director Choi Dong-hoon in The Thieves.[29][30][31] Set among the casinos of Macau, the heist film became one of the highest grossing films in Korean cinema history.[32] Kim won Top Excellence Award, Actress in Film at 20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards[33] This was followed with a supporting role in Han Jae-rim's historical film The Face Reader.[34]

In 2013, she headlined the romantic comedy The Queen of Office (also known as Goddess of the Workplace), an adaptation of 2007 Japanese drama Haken no Hinkaku ("Pride of the Temp").[35][36]

Kim next starred in Coin Locker Girl (also known as Chinatown) in 2015, a rare female-driven noir film. She said she didn't mind looking unattractive for her role as a ruthless crime boss, with makeup artists adding age spots to her face, gray to her hair, and flab to her stomach and hips with prostheses. Kim said it was "mentally agonizing" deciding whether to accept the role, but once she did, she felt "a surge of excitement" every time she stepped onto the set, and considered the film "a new challenge that (made her) heart race and (scared her) at the same time."[37][38][39]

2016–present: Return to television and filmEdit

Kim made her small-screen comeback in 2016 with tvN's Signal,[40] which was both critically and commercially successful. Kim acted opposite Lee Je-hoon and Cho Jin-woong as Cha Soo-hyun, first woman police officer in the Special Task Force, later become the leader of the Seoul cold case squad.[41] She won Best Actress at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards and the tvN10 Awards for her performance.[42]

"First of all, I write down everything that comes into my eyes. In the case of an artist, I am not a casting director, but I remember and recommend it when there is a good work or a character that is suitable for the actor has come out. If you look at my memo, there is the person who are over 70 years old.

In general, if you remember the days when an actor wasn't in the spotlight but got impressed by yourself, 'Huh? I saw that actor before. I thought it was really good.' Don't you want to say that? The same goes for me. It's best when I'm with good actors."[43]

— Kim Hye-soo on Familyhood interview

Kim then starred in the comedy drama film Familyhood, film directed by Kim Tae-gon, co-starring Ma Dong-seok and Kim Hyun-soo.[44] Kim was nominated as Best Actress at 25th Buil Film Awards, 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards, and 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards[45]

In 2017, Kim also starred in noir film A Special Lady.[46] Directed by Lee An-gyu, Kim played Na Hyun-jung, woman who becomes the second-in-command of a gangster organization-turned-leading business entity, opposite Lee Sun-kyun and Lee Hee-joon.[47][48][49]

In 2018, Kim starred in the IMF crisis film, Default, alongside Yoo Ah-in.[50] She was nominated for Best Actress at 55th Baeksang Arts Awards. Then She was cast in the science fiction film Return.[51]

in June 2019, Kim was confirmed to appear The Day I Died: Unclosed Case, Park Ji-wan's directorial debut.[52][53] The film released on November 12, 2020.[54] Kim was nominated at 57th Baeksang Arts Awards in Best Actress Film category.[55][56]

In 2020, Kim starred in the legal drama Hyena.[57] She acted as Lawyer Jung Geum-ja, a true hyena that chases after money and success no matter what it takes. It aired on SBS TV from February 21 to April 11, 2020.[58] She was nominated for Best Actress at 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.[59]

In March 2022, Kim gained international recognition for her lead role as judge Shim Eun-seok in the Netflix series Juvenile Justice as the most popular non-English show for two weeks straight.[60] She was nominated for Best Actress at 58th Baeksang Arts Awards. The same year she starred in the tvN historical drama Under the Queen's Umbrella as Queen Im Hwa-ryeong.[61]

Personal lifeEdit

Public image and characterEdit

Kim has been a popular Korean sex symbol since she wore a low-cut dress as a Blue Dragon Film Awards host and Best Actress winner in 1993, and was emblematic of the era's sexual revolution.[62]

Kim is known for taking good care of younger actors, and has been described by co-star Ma Dong-seok in Familyhood (2016) to be "the most considerate person to care for others."[43] Her co-star Lee Sang-hee in the TV series Juvenile Justice said "Kim would write down unknown actors' names when she thought their acting was good, so that she could recommend them for suitable scripts in the future."[63][64] Many actresses, including Son Ye-jin,[65] Han Ji-min,[66]Kim Nam-joo,[67] and Yum Jung-ah[68] have expressed special thanks and gratitude to Kim for her care.

Kim has a bachelor's in theater and film from Dongguk University.[69] In 2013, Kim admitted to having plagiarized her master's thesis "A Study on Actor Communication," with parts copied verbatim from at least four books. She apologized for her actions, which she said was caused by her busy schedule and ignorance of plagiarism as a serious offence.[70] Kim forfeited her master's degree in journalism and mass communications as a result.[71][72]


Kim and character actor Yoo Hae-jin first met in 2001 after shooting the film Kick the Moon and became close in 2006 after appearing together in Tazza: The High Rollers. Rumors of the two dating surfaced starting 2008 although both continuously denied any romantic involvement until early 2010 when paparazzi photographs of the two were released,[73][74] and the couple officially confirmed their relationship.[75][76][77] Kim and Yoo broke up in 2011.[78]


In 2008, Kim donated the full amount of the narration fees of the documentary film "Forgiveness, Are You at the End of the Way" to the crime victim support fund.[79][80] In April, 2009, Kim displayed her pop art at the Seoul Open Art Fair.[81][82] One of her collage paintings was sold for ₩5 million, and she donated the sum to charity.[83] On July 7, 2009, Kim participated in the "Style Meets Art" campaign co-hosted by cable channel OnStyle and Korean National Commission for UNESCO and she donated the proceeds of her donated works to the Korean National Commission for UNESCO.[84]

Kim donated ₩100 million for forest fire victims affected by the Goseong Fire of 2019.[85]

In 2020, for the mask shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kim donated ₩100 million to Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association.[86]

On March 7, 2022, Kim donated ₩100 million to the Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association to help the victims of the 2022 Uljin and Samcheok wildfire [ko] as emergency relief funds.[87] On August 9, 2022, Kim donated ₩100 million to help those affected by the 2022 South Korean floods through the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association.[88]

On February 10, 2023, Kim donated ₩100 million to help 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake, by donating money through Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association.[89]and in the same month Kim posted a photo of the briquette service, which was the briquettes she donated.[90]



Film performances
Year Title Role Note Ref.
English Korean
1986 Ggambo 깜보 Na-young
My Daughter Saved from the Mire, Part II 수렁에서 건진 내 딸 2 Yu-ri
1988 Grown-ups Just Don't Understand 어른들은 몰라요 Yu-ra
That Last Winter 그 마지막 겨울 Young-ae
1990 Oseam 오세암 Sister Angela
1991 Lost Love 잃어버린 너 Kim Yoon-hee
1993 First Love 첫사랑 Park Young-shin
1994 I Wish for What is Forbidden 나는 소망한다 내게 금지된 것을 Cameo
Life and Death of the Hollywood Kid 헐리우드 키드의 생애 Cameo
Blue Seagull 블루시걸 Chae-rin (voice) Cameo
1995 Dr. Bong 닥터봉 Hwang Yeo-shin
The Eternal Empire 영원한 제국 Yoon Sang-ah
Bitter and Sweet 남자는 괴로워 Kim Hye-soo
1997 Change 체인지 Ko Eun-bi
Mister Condom 미스터 콘돔 Sung-hee
1998 Too Tired to Die 투 타이어드 투 다이 Anouk
Tie a Yellow Ribbon Chae-young
1999 Doctor K 닥터 K Dr. Pyo Ji-soo
2001 Kick the Moon 신라의 달밤 Min Ju-ran
2002 Three 쓰리 Wife
YMCA Baseball Team YMCA 야구단 Min Jong-rim
2004 Hypnotized 얼굴없는 미녀 Ji-su
2005 The Red Shoes 분홍신 Sun-jae
2006 Tazza: The High Rollers 타짜 Madam Jeong
2007 A Good Day to Have an Affair 바람 피기 좋은 날 Dew
Skeletons in the Closet 좋지 아니한가 Mi-kyung
Eleventh Mom 열한번째 엄마 Woman
2008 Modern Boy 모던보이 Jo Nan-sil
Forgiveness 용서 Documentary narrator
2010 Villain and Widow 이층의 악당 Hyun-joo
2012 The Thieves 도둑들 Pepsee
2013 The Face Reader 관상 Yeon-hong
2015 Coin Locker Girl 차이나타운 Ma Woo-hee Mother
2016 Familyhood 굿바이 싱글 Joo-yeon
2017 A Special Lady 미옥 Na Hyun-jung
2018 Default 국가부도의 날 Han Shi-hyeon
2020 The Day I Died: Unclosed Case 내가 죽던 날 Hyeon-soo [91]
2023 Smugglers 밀수 [92]
TBA Return 귀환

Television seriesEdit

Television series performances
Year Title Role Note Ref.
English Korean
1986 Best Selling Theater - Doll's Classroom 베스트셀러극장 - 인형의 교실 Oh Hye-sook
TV Literary Museum - Young Zelkova Tree TV문학관 - 젊은 느티나무
1987 Samogok 사모곡 Bo-wook
1988 1988 Summer Olympics Special - Chunhyangjeon Sung Chun-hyang
Sun Shim-yi 순심이 Sun Shim-yi
1989 Senoya 세노야 Kang Jung-ae
1990 Erased Woman 지워진 여자 Jung Soo-min
When The Flowers Bloom And The Birds Cry 꽃 피고 새 울면 Mi-kyung
Three Families In One House Season 2 한지붕 세가족 시즌2 Hye-sook
Fun World 재미있는 세상 Seo Byung-sook
1991 Best Theater - Midsummer Night's Dream 베스트극장 - 한여름 밤의 꿈
Best Theater - Neighbor 베스트극장 - 이웃집 은이
Chuseok Special - Gosu 추석 특집극 - 고수 Oh Jung-hee
Rosy Life 장미빛 인생 Chae Jung-seo
1992 New Year Special - Cheonsa Is A Tomboy 신년 특집극 - 천사는 말괄량이 Cheon-sa
Best Theater - Reasons to Love Someone 베스트극장 - 누군가를 사랑하려는 이유 Kang-ju
Rainbow In Mapo 마포 무지개 Park Young-mi
1993 Pilot 파일럿 Lee Ji-won
A Woman's Man 여자의 남자 Kim Eun-young
1994 Dokkaebiga Ganda 창사특집극 - 눈먼 새의 노래 Choi In-young
Changsa Special - Song of a Blind Bird 창사특집극 - 눈먼 새의 노래 Seok Kyung-sook
1994–1998 Partner Cha Hae-soon
1995 Love Pro, Marriage Amateur 사랑과 결혼 Seo Ye-hee
The Basics of Romance 연애의 기초 Il-young
Drama Game - Twilight of the Gods 드라마게임 - 신들의 황혼
1996 Oxtail Soup 곰탕
Scent of Apple Blossoms 사과꽃 향기 Seo Kyung-joo
1997 Changsa Special - Young 창사 특집극 - 새끼 Sun-ju
Ms. & Mr. 미스&미스터
Revenge and Passion 복수혈전 Jung Mi-kyung
1999 Did We Really Love? 우리가 정말 사랑했을까 Lee Shin-young
Kuk-hee 국희 Min Kuk-hee
2000 Golden Era 황금시대 Kim/Choi Hee-kyung
2001 Best Theater - Dear Hye-soo 베스트극장 - 사랑하는 혜수 언니 Herself
2002–2003 Jang Hee-bin 장희빈 Hui-bin Jang [93]
2004–2005 Han River Ballad 한강수타령 Yoon Ga-young
2009 Style 스타일 Park Ki-ja
2010 Home Sweet Home 즐거운 나의 집 Kim Jin-seo
2011 Cool Guys, Hot Ramen 꽃미남 라면가게 tarot fortuneteller Cameo (episode 1) [94]
2013 The Queen of Office 직장의 신 Miss Kim / Kim Jeom-seon
2016 Signal 시그널 Cha Soo-hyun
2017 Dr. Romantic 낭만닥터 김사부 Lee Young-jo Cameo (episodes 20 & 21) [95]
2020 Hyena 하이에나 Jeong Geum-ja
2022 Under the Queen's Umbrella 슈룹 Queen Im Hwa-ryeong [96][97]

Web seriesEdit

Web series performances
Year Title Role Notes Ref.
English Korean
2022 Juvenile Justice 소년 심판 Sim Eun-seok Netflix [98]


Year Title Notes Ref.
1993–1995 Saturday Saturday Is Fun
Blue Dragon Film Awards [note 1] [99][100][101]
2010 World Wide Weekly


Year Song title Notes
2008 "Why Don't You Do Right?" Track from Modern Boy OST
"Blues of Colors"
"개여울" (Japanese Ver.)
2013 "Love is" Track from The Queen of Office OST

Awards and nominationsEdit


Name of publisher, year listed, name of listicle, and placement
Publisher Year Listicle Placement Ref.
Forbes 2011 Korea Power Celebrity 19th [102]
2017 40th [103]
2020 34th [104]
2022 38th [105]


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