Figure skating at the 1948 Winter Olympics

Figure skating at the 1948 Winter Olympics took place at the Olympic Ice Rink in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Three figure skating events were contested: men's singles, ladies' singles, and pair skating.[1]

Figure skating at the V Winter Olympics
Scott and Gerschwiler.jpg
Scott and Gerschwiler
Type:Olympic Games
Men's singles:
United States Dick Button
Ladies' singles:
Canada Barbara Ann Scott
Pair skating:
Belgium Micheline Lannoy / Pierre Baugniet
1936 Winter Olympics
1952 Winter Olympics

Event summaryEdit

Barbara Ann Scott became the first Canadian to win the figure skating gold medal while Dick Button became the first American to win a figure skating title for the United States. Button also became the first figure skater to perform a double Axel in competition.

The competition began with the men's compulsory figures on 2 February. However, the next day, competition was postponed in the midst of the ladies' figures event due to a thaw that left puddles of water on the outdoor ice surface. On 5 February competition had to be resumed, regardless of poor ice conditions, in order to allow the Games to finish on schedule. The pairs event on 7 February was skated in a heavy snowstorm, with the ice having to be scraped after each program.[2]

Medal summaryEdit


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
  Dick Button (USA)   Hans Gerschwiler (SUI)   Edi Rada (AUT)
Ladies' singles
  Barbara Ann Scott (CAN)   Eva Pawlik (AUT)   Jeannette Altwegg (GBR)
Pairs skating
  Micheline Lannoy
and Pierre Baugniet (BEL)
  Andrea Kékesy
and Ede Király (HUN)
  Suzanne Morrow
and Wallace Diestelmeyer (CAN)

Medal tableEdit

1  Canada1012
2  Belgium1001
  United States1001
4  Austria0112
5  Hungary0101
7  Great Britain0011
Totals (7 nations)3339


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