Figure skating at the 1952 Winter Olympics

At the 1952 Winter Olympics, three figure skating events were contested. Compulsory figures were skated at the outdoor Jordal Amfi rink, while the free skating portions of the competition were held at the huge Bislett Stadium, on a regulation-sized ice surface set inside the speed skating track. The competition opened with the ladies' figures on 16 and 17 February, followed by the men's figures on 19 February and then the three free skating events for ladies, men, and pairs. Somewhat unusually for competitions of this era, there were no particular problems with bad weather or poor ice conditions at the outdoor rinks.[1] At this competition, Dick Button won his second Olympic title, and also became the first skater to land a triple jump—a triple loop jump—in competition.[2]

Figure skating at the VI Winter Olympics
Type:Olympic Games
Venue:Bislett Stadium
Men's singles:
United States Dick Button
Ladies' singles:
United Kingdom Jeannette Altwegg
Pair skating:
Germany Ria Baran / Paul Falk
1948 Winter Olympics
1956 Winter Olympics


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
Dick Button
  United States
Helmut Seibt
James Grogan
  United States
Ladies' singles
Jeannette Altwegg
  Great Britain
Tenley Albright
  United States
Jacqueline du Bief
Pairs skating
Ria Baran
/ Paul Falk
Karol Kennedy
/ Peter Kennedy
  United States
Marianna Nagy
/ László Nagy


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