Ferrocarril de Veracruz al Istmo

The Ferrocarril de Veracruz al Istmo (Vera Cruz and Isthmus Railway) was one of the primary pre-nationalization railways of Mexico. Incorporated in West Virginia in 1898 as the Vera Cruz and Pacific Railroad (Ferrocarril de Veracruz al Pacífico), it built a line from Córdoba to Jesús Carranza on the Tehuantepec National Railway, with a branch from Veracruz to Tierra Blanca. The Mexican government gained control in May 1904 and organized the Ferrocarril de Veracruz al Istmo to operate the property under lease.[1][2]

Control was transferred to the government-owned Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México (National Railways of Mexico) in 1910, and in November 1913 that company took over the property and operations.[1][3] Following privatization in the 1990s, Ferrosur acquired the former Veracruz al Istmo.


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