Feradach mac Ross

Feradech mac Ross (died c. 557) was a King of Connacht from the Ui Fiachrach branch of the Connachta. He was of the Fir Chera sept of this branch descended from Macc Ercae, a son of Fiachra, the ancestor of the Ui Fiachrach. Feradech was the great-grandson of this Macc Ercae.[1]

Not mentioned in the annals as king, he is however listed in king lists such as the Book of Leinster which gives him a reign of three years after Echu Tirmcharna mac Fergusso (d.556?).[2] Francis J. Byrne places his reign between Echu Tirmcharna and Áed mac Echach (d. 575) who acceded to the throne in 557.[3] In A poem on the Kings of Connaught he is called the fair and a true judge.

His son Máel Umai was father of a later king Máel Cothaid mac Máele Umai (flourished 601).

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