Female Peronist Party

The Peronist Women's Party (Spanish: Partido Peronista Femenino) was an Argentine political party created in 1949 and disappeared in 1955. The party only accepted women and chose Eva Perón as the first president.

Peronist Women's Party
Partido Peronista Femenino
PresidentEva Peron (1949–1952)
Delia Parodi (1952–1955)
FounderEva Peron
Founded29 July 1949 (1949-07-29)
HeadquartersBuenos Aires
Left-wing populism
First-wave feminism
Left-wing nationalism
Political positionCentre-left
Colours  Light blue   White
Party flag
Bandera del Partido Justicialista.png


After obtaining women's suffrage in 1947 Eva Perón, Evita, realized that the mere existence of the law did not guarantee the presence of women among candidates with the possibility of being elected. For that reason, in 1949, along with other women who had been politically active since 1945, they decided to found the Peronist Women's Party.[1]

A large number of women were elected in 1951 by the party to occupy legislative positions (23 national deputies, 6 national senators, 80 in provincial legislators).[2][3]

The PPF was organized from unidades básicas femeninas that were formed in neighborhoods and towns, channeling the direct militancy of women.[4]

Like every other Perónist organization, it was disbanded by the military junta in 1955, after they overthrew Juan Perón on September 19, 1955.

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