February 2003 Montenegrin presidential election

Early presidential elections were held in the Republic of Montenegro on 9 February 2003, after the December 2002 elections had been declared invalid due to insufficient voter turnout.[1] Although Filip Vujanović won the election with 85% of the vote, turnout was less than the required 50%, so the election was declared invalid.[1] Fresh elections were called for May 2003, when the turnout rule was abolished.

February 2003 Montenegrin presidential election

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Turnout46.56% (election invalid)
  F Vujanovic (crop).jpg Noimage.png
Nominee Filip Vujanović Dragan Hajduković
Party DPS Independent
Popular vote 174,536 14,556
Percentage 84.82% 7.07%

President before election

Filip Vujanović (acting)

Elected President

Filip Vujanović (acting)


The low turnout was caused by an opposition boycott, voters being disillusioned with politics, and poor weather conditions on polling day which resulted in 80 polling stations in mountainous areas being closed due to snow.[2]


Candidate Party Votes %
Filip Vujanović DPSSDP 174,536 84.82
Dragan Hajduković Independent 14,556 7.07
Aleksandar Vasiljević Serbian Radical Party 8,734 4.24
Milo Radulović Natural Law Party 3,218 1.56
Jovan Pejović Independent 1,076 0.52
Milan Šparović Independent 1,037 0.50
Obrad Marković Yugoslav Communists 894 0.43
Milivoje Bakić Independent 942 0.46
Ilija Darmanović Serbian Radical Party of Montenegro 780 0.38
Mihailo Marković Independent 456 0.22
Đorđije Milić Independent 312 0.15
Invalid/blank votes 7,001
Total 212,781 100
Registered voters/turnout 456,981 46.56
Source: IFES

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