Faye Yu

Yu Feihong (born 1971), also known as Faye Yu, is a Chinese actress and an occasional film director and producer, best known in the west for Wayne Wang's award-winning American films A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (2007) and The Joy Luck Club (1992). In the Chinese-speaking world she is best known for starring in a number of popular Chinese television series.

Faye Yu
Born (1971-01-15) 15 January 1971 (age 49)
Occupationactress, occasional director, producer, screenwriter and singer
Years active1980–present
AwardsBeijing College Student Film Festival
Best Directorial Debut
2010 Eternal Beloved
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese鸿


Yu was a child actress, having a lead role in the film The Murderer and the Craven (凶手与懦夫) when she was only 16. In 1991, while studying at the Beijing Film Academy, China's most prestigious film school, she became the first enrolled student in school history to be cast in a Hollywood production when Wayne Wang selected her for his film The Joy Luck Club. It took 3 months for her to receive an American visa, but Wang stuck with her. She returned to Beijing after filming, taught at the school for a while upon graduation, later studying in Los Angeles, before returning to China in 1998 to star in the television drama Hand-in-Hand (牵手) which became a huge domestic hit. She followed up on its success with Yuen Woo-ping's 1999 wuxia TV drama Legend of Dagger Li (小李飛刀), a Mainland-Taiwan co-production based on the popular Xiaoli Feidao novels.

Between 2005 and 2008 she only chose 1 acting project, A Thousand Years of Good Prayers, which briefly brought her back to the U.S. and reunited her with Wang. She spent most of her years then working on Eternal Beloved (愛有來生), her directorial debut that she also wrote (based on a novel), starred in, and produced. The film crashed in the Chinese box office, but won Yu the Best Directorial Debut Award at the Beijing College Student Film Festival.



Year English Title Original Title Role Notes
1980 Bamboo
1982 The Brilliant Colored Ball 闪光的彩球
1987 The Murderer and the Craven 凶手与懦夫 Chen Xiaofen
Love in Beijing 爱在北京 Yun
1990 Factory Girls 特区打工妹 Chunhua
1993 Beijing Bastards 北京杂种 Mao Mao
The Joy Luck Club Ying-Ying (young)
1994 Heaven and Earth 天地 Wu Jun
1995 Superfights Sally Wong
1999 The House 梦幻田园 Lei An'an
Something About Secret 说出你的秘密 cameo
2001 X-Roads 新十字街头 Mei Qing
Beijing Rocks 北京乐与路 Qianjie
2007 A Thousand Years of Good Prayers Yilan Shi
2009 Eternal Beloved 愛有來生 Mo Xiaoyu also writer, director, producer
Won—Best Directorial Debut, Beijing College Student Film Festival
2010 Color Me Love 爱出色
2014 The Galaxy on Earth 天河
The Crossing 太平輪 Madame Gu
2016 The New Year's Eve of Old Lee 过年好 Li Yangduo's partner
2017 Wu Kong 悟空傳 Hua Ji

TV SeriesEdit

Year English Title Original Title Role Notes
1998 Hand-in-Hand 牵手 Wang Chun Nominated—Outstanding Actress, Flying Apsaras Awards
Lang Zi Da Qing Chai 浪子大欽差
1999 Legend of Dagger Li 小李飛刀 Yang Yan
2000 Together Life or Death 生死同行 Shu Wenjing
There Are Dreams in Life 人生有夢 Chen Luyi
Luan Shi Tao Hua 亂世桃花 Liu Xu
Ce Ma Xiao Xi Feng 策馬嘯西風 Gao Yuhan
2001 Third Master's Sword 三少爺的劍 Murong Qiudi
2002 The Night of Naval Port 軍港之夜 Xia Haiyun
Chinese Soccer 中國足球 Lan Xin
2003 The Worry-free Princess 無憂公主 Pan Youdi
The Grand Mansion 2 大宅門II Wu Yingyu
2004 The Emperor of the Ming Dynasty 大明天子 Xu Miaoyun
Zheng Yi Ling Tian Xia 正義令天下 Zhong Ziying
2005 Xiang Qi Mi Ren 香氣迷人 Yu Su
Feng Chui Yun Dong Xing Bu Dong 風吹雲動星不動 Yinxing
I Love You, Goodbye 我愛你,再見 He Dan also producer, presenter, theme song singer
2011 Men 男人帮 Shanli
2014 May–December Love 大丈夫 Gu Xiaoyan
The Great Southern Migration 大南遷 Madame Li
2015 The Merchants of Qing Dynasty 大清鹽商 Xiao Wenshu
2016 The Identity of Father 父親的身份 Zheng Yi
May–December Love 2 小丈夫 Yao Lan
Eastern Battlefield 東方戰場 Soong Mei-ling
Happy Season 幸福的季节 Qin Qin
TBA Marry to the West 洋嫁


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