Fasih Khwafi

Fasih Ahmad ibn Jalal al-Din Muhammad Khwafi (died 1442) was a Persian bureaucrat and historian of the Timurid court. His major work was Mujmal i-Fasihi.

His lineage is obscure; his father's family was from Bakharz, and claimed descent from the Islamic prophet Muhammad; his mother was a native of Khwaf in the Khorasan region of eastern Iran.[1] She was the granddaughter of the warlord Khvaja Majd, who ruled in Khwaf in the early 14th-century.[2] Moreoever, her family also claimed descent from the Ghaznavid vizier Abu Nasr Mushkan.[3] It was seemingly because of her illustrious descent that Fasih assumed the nisba of Khwafi (meaning "from Khwaf").[4] Despite his nisba, however, Fasih was from his father's birthplace of Bakharz, as reported by Uqayli. He was related to the bureaucrat Khvaja Qivam al-Din Nizam al-Mulk Khvafi.[5]


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