Beatrice Forbes Manz

Beatrice Forbes Manz is an American historian of the Middle East and Central Asia who specializes in nomads and the Timurid dynasty. She currently works as a professor of history at Tufts University.[1] Her 1989 book The Rise and Rule of Tamerlane is considered one of the most authoritative accounts of the career of the conqueror Timur.[2][3]

She received a bachelor's from Harvard University in 1970 and a master's in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Michigan in 1974, then returned to Harvard for a doctorate in Inner Asian and Altaic studies which she received in 1983.[1] She is a fellow of the Massachusetts Historical Society[4] and, as of 2014, president of the American Institute of Iranian Studies.[5]

She is the child of William H. Forbes and the well-known endocrinologist Anne Pappenheimer Forbes.[6]

Her publications include:

Beatrice Manz speaks French, German, Russian, Persian, some Turkish, and Arabic.

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