Farrukhzad I

Farrukhzad I was the 24th ruler of Shirvanshahs. He was fourth son of Shirvanshah Manuchehr III, younger brother of previous shahs - Shirvanshah Afridun II, Akhsitan I, Shirvanshah Shahanshah, uncle of Shirvanshah Fariburz II and father of Shirvanshah Gushtasb I and Prince Rashid ibn Farrukhzad.

Farrukhzad I
Shah of Shirvan
PredecessorShirvanshah Fariburz II
SuccessorShirvanshah Gushtasb I
IssueShirvanshah Gushtasb I
Prince Rashid ibn Farrukhzad
Full name
Malik Al-Adil Jalal-ad Dunya vel-Din
HouseHouse of Shirvanshah
FatherShirvanshah Manuchehr III
MotherTamar, daughter of David IV of Georgia


Nor his reign period, neither any coin minted during his reign is known. His name is known via epigraphic evidence.[1] Epitaph on Round tower of Mardakan refers to Shirvanshah Gushtasb I as "Gershasb b. Farrukhzad b. Manuchehr" with date of Hijri, Dhu al-Hijjah 600 (August, 1204). Epitaph on Pir Hussayn Khanqah mentions his name also as grandfather of Shirvanshah Fariburz III. Also, an epitaph on Pir Mardakan Khanqah mentions his name as "Greatest padishah, khagan, Farrukhzad b. Fazilalmuwahhid Manuchehr".[2] He probably died in the same year because of old age.


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Farrukhzad I
Born: ? Died: 1204
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Shirvanshah Fariburz II
Succeeded by
Shirvanshah Gushtasb I