Fàn Yun (451[1]–15 June 503[2]) (simplified Chinese: 范云; traditional Chinese: 范雲) was born in Wuyin (舞阴) (in the northwest of today's Biyang County (泌阳县), Zhumadian Prefect, Henan Province) and lived during the Liu Song, Southern Qi and Liang dynasties. He learned to write poems at the age of eight and had a quick wit. He was a personal friend of Emperor Wu, founder of the Liang dynasty, and held authority as Wu's de facto chancellor, although he died less than two years into Emperor Wu's reign. Fàn was a member of the elite Fàn family.


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  1. ^ Fan Yun's biography in Book of Liang recorded that he was 53 (by East Asian reckoning) when he died. (卒,时年五十三) Liang Shu, vol.13. Thus by calculation, his birth year should be 451.
  2. ^ According to Xiao Yan's biography in Book of Liang, Fan Yun died on the dingsi day of the 5th month of the 2nd year of the Tianjian era of his reign. This corresponds to 15 Jun 503 in the Julian calendar. [(天监二年)五月丁巳,尚书右仆射范云卒。] Liang Shu, vol.02