Fabio Vullo

Fabio Vullo (born September 1, 1964) is a retired Italian volleyball player.

Fabio Vullo
Personal information
BornSeptember 1, 1964

Vullo, standing at 1.98 m for 87 kg, was born in Massa, and played as setter (although at the beginning of his long career was employed also as hitter). Vullo revolutionized the role of the setter, because he was, along with the Dutch Peter Blangé, one of the first setters in the world to be 1.98m tall, which allowed him to set the ball from a greater height and to be dangerous in attack, block and serve. Before Vullo and Blangé, most of the setters were much shorter (usually not taller than 1.90 m), but nowadays it is common to see setters who are over 2.00m tall, and are effective blockers and servers.

Despite being unanimously considered as one of world's best setters ever, Vullo was rarely capped by the Italian national team, due to his conflictual relationship with coach Julio Velasco, and therefore he did not take part in much of the victories of that team during the 1990s: with the Italian national team, he only won one World League, in 1992.

On the other hand, Vullo had a long and very successful career at club level in the Italian Serie A1: he won 8 Italian titles, 7 Champions Leagues (4 with Modena, 3 with Ravenna), one European Champions cup, and other less important trophies, both in Italy and in Europe.

Vullo stopped playing in 2004, and is currently working as TV commentator.


Club Country From To
Turin   Italy 1982–1983 1985–1986
Panini Modena   Italy 1986–1987 1989–1990
Ravenna   Italy 1990–1991 1993–1994
Modena   Italy 1994–1995 1999–2000
Sisley Treviso   Italy 2000–2001 2001–2002
Macerata   Italy 2003–2004 2003–2004