F Street and H Street Loop

The F Street and H Street Loop was a line of the Bakersfield and Kern Electric Railway. It originally operated as a loop on F Street and H Street, between 19th Street and California Avenue. The line was constructed in 1903, as part of the original expansion plan. The exact date the line was closed, and converted to buses is not known. However, the line was upgraded in 1909, and was not operating in 1922.[1]

F Street and H Street Loop
LocaleBakersfield, California
TerminiSanta Fe Bakersfield Station
19th Street / H Street
SystemBakersfield and Kern Electric Railway
Depot(s)19th St / Union Ave Car barn (1903–1912, 1920–1922)
19th St / Oak St Car barn (1912–1920)
ClosedBetween 1909 and 1922
Line length0.89 mi (1.43 km)
Track gauge4 ft 8+12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Electrification550-volt DC Overhead lines
Route map

Santa Fe and Southern Pacific Line
Santa Fe Bakersfield Station
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
14th St / F St
California Ave / F St
California Ave / H St
14th St / H St
14th St / H St
Truxtun Ave / H St
17th St / H St
19th St / H St
Santa Fe and Southern Pacific Line
Route in 1915

The line was originally single track, constructed with 36-pound rails.[2] In 1909, the rails were upgraded to 87-pound rails. The line was also double tracked for its entire length. The switch at 19th Street and H Street was not replaced in the upgrade, and was abandoned. This converted the loop into a line, although it would still be called a loop. This also reduced the route to simply Santa Fe Bakersfield Station to 19th Street/H Street.[1]


B&KE = Bakersfield and Kern Electric Railway


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