FIBT World Championships 2007

The FIBT World Championships 2007 took place in St. Moritz, Switzerland for the record twenty-first time, doing so previously in 1931 (Four-man), 1935 (Four-man), 1937 (Four-man), 1938 (Two-man), 1939 (Two-man), 1947, 1955, 1957, 1959, 1965, 1970, 1974, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1989 (Skelton), 1990 (Bobsleigh), 1997 (Bobsleigh), 1998 (Skeleton), and 2001 (Men's bobsleigh). The mixed team event consisting of one run each of men's skeleton, women's skeleton, 2-man bobsleigh, and 2-women bobsleigh debuted at these championships.


Two manEdit

Pos Team Athletes Time Behind
    Germany André Lange
Kevin Kuske
     Switzerland Ivo Rüegg
Aleksandr Streltsov
Tommy Herzog[a]
4:26.81 +0.19
    Italy Simone Bertazzo
Samuele Romanini
4:27.28 +0.66
4   United States Steven Holcomb
Brock Kreitzburg
4:27.50 +0.88
5    Switzerland Thomas Lamparter
Daniel Schmid
4:27.61 +0.99
6   Austria Wolfgang Stampfer
Martin Lachkovics
4:28.15 +1.53
7   Canada Pierre Lueders
David Bissett
4:28.24 +1.62
  1. ^ Herzog replaced the injured Streltsov after the third heat of this event.

Four manEdit

Pos Team Athletes Time Behind
     Switzerland Ivo Rüegg
Thomas Lamparter
Beat Hefti
Cédric Grand
    Canada Pierre Lueders
Ken Kotyk
David Bissett
Lascelles Brown
4:21.09 +0.23
    Germany André Lange
René Hoppe
Kevin Kuske
Martin Putze
4:21.10 +0.24

Two womanEdit

Pos Team Athletes Time Behind
    Germany Sandra Kiriasis
Romy Logsch
    Germany Cathleen Martini
Janine Tischer
4:35.89 +2.05
    United States Shauna Rohbock
Valerie Fleming
4:36.27 +2.43



Pos Athlete Time
    Gregor Stähli (SUI)
    Eric Bernotas (USA)
    Zach Lund (USA)


Pos Athlete Time
    Noelle Pikus-Pace (USA)
    Maya Pedersen (SUI)
    Katie Uhlaender (USA)

Pikus-Pace is the first American woman to win a gold medal in bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton at the World Championship level.

Mixed teamEdit

Pos Team Time
    Germany (Frank Kleber, Sandra Kiriasis, Berit Wiacker, Monique Riekewald, Karl Angerer, Marc Kühne)
    United States (Eric Bernotas, Erin Pac, Emily Azevedo, Noelle Pikus-Pace, Mike Kohn, Curtis Tomasevicz)
     Switzerland (Gregor Stähli, Sabrina Hafner, Katharina Sutter, Maya Pedersen, Ivo Rüegg, Thomas Lamparter)

Medal tableEdit

1  Germany (GER)3115
2   Switzerland (SUI)2215
3  United States (USA)1236
4  Canada (CAN)0101
5  Italy (ITA)0011
Totals (5 nations)66618


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