FIBT World Championships 1957

The FIBT World Championships 1957 took place in St. Moritz, Switzerland for the record eighth time. The Swiss city had hosted the event previously in 1931 (Four-man), 1935 (Four-man), 1937 (Four-man), 1938 (Two-man), 1939 (Two-man), 1947, and 1955. It also marked the first time the unified championships took place in the same location in consecutive championships.

Two man bobsleighEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Italy (Eugenio Monti, Renzo Alverà)
Silver   United States (Arthur Tyler, Thomas Butler)
Bronze   Spain (Marques Alfonso de Portago, Luis Nunoz)

This is Spain's only medal at the FIBT World Championships as of 2016. Portago would die later that year in the Mille Miglia competition in Italy.

Four man bobsleighEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold    Switzerland (Hans Zoller, Hans Theler, Rolf Küderli, Heinz Leu)
Silver   Italy (Eugenio Monti, Ferdinando Piani, Lino Pierdica, Renzo Alverà)
Bronze   United States (Arthur Tyler, John Cole, Robert Hagemes, Thomas Butler)

Medal tableEdit

1  Italy (ITA)1102
2   Switzerland (SUI)1001
3  United States (USA)0112
4  Spain (ESP)0011
Totals (4 entries)2226