FIBT World Championships 1958

The FIBT World Championships 1958 took place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany for the fourth time. The West German city had hosted the event previously in 1934 (Four-man), 1938 (Four-man), and 1953.

Two man bobsleighEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Italy (Eugenio Monti, Renzo Alverà)
Silver   Italy (Sergio Zardini, Sergio Siorpaes)
Bronze   Austria (Paul Aste, Pepi Isser)

Four man bobsleighEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   West Germany (Hans Rösch, Alfred Hammer, Theodore Bauer, Walter Haller)
Silver   West Germany (Franz Schelle, Eduard Kaltenberger, Josef Sterff, Otto Göbl)
Bronze   Italy (Sergio Zardini, Massimo Bogana, Renato Mocellini, Alberto Righini)

Medal tableEdit

1  Italy (ITA)1113
2  West Germany (FRG)1102
3  Austria (AUT)0011
Totals (3 nations)2226