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Clubul Sportiv de Fotbal CFR 1933 Timișoara, commonly known as CSF CFR 1933 Timișoara or as CFR Timișoara (Romanian pronunciation: [t͡ʃefeˌre timiˈʃo̯ara]), is a Romanian football club based in Timișoara, Timiș County, founded in 1933. The club is currently playing in the Liga VI (6th tier). The team's best moment was during the 1947–48 season, when it was ranked 2nd in the Divizia A and reached the Romanian Cup final. However UTA Arad managed to beat them in both legs.[1]

CFR Timișoara
Full nameClubul Sportiv de Fotbal
CFR 1933 Timișoara
  • Feroviarii (The Railwaymen)
  • Leoparzii vișinii (The Burgundy Leopards)
  • Alb-Vișinii (The White and Burgundies)
  • Echipa de la Gara Mare
Short nameCFR
Founded1933; 90 years ago (1933)
as Sparta CFR Timișoara
ChairmanConstantin Nedela
LeagueLiga VI
2022–23Liga VI, Timiș County, Seria III, 8th
Unirea CFR Timișoara in 1925
Chart showing the progress of CFR's league finishes from 1946 to the present.

History Edit

Originally founded in 1919, under the name of Sparta CFR Timişoara, it merges in 1926 with Unirea Timişoara and takes on the name of Sparta Unirea CFR Timişoara. In 1927 the club is dissolved only to be founded again, 5 years leater, in 1933, as CFR Timişoara,[1][2] a team that marks only two divisional appearances until World War II: 1937–1938, 5th place, in the Western League, Divizia C and 1940 -1941, 6th place, in the 1st series of Divizia B. In the 1944, it participated in the Heroes Cup after winning a 6-3 match.[3]

In the 1947–1948 season it manages to reach the final of the Romanian Cup, which they lost in front of the ITA Arad team and finished in second place in Divizia A, following the same ITA Arad. Until 1956 included, CFR Timișoara (since 1950 became Locomotive) only operates in Divizia A. Then 8 championships followed in Divizia B (in 1958–1959 the team returns to the name of CFR) so that, surprisingly, in 1965, relegate to Divizia C. But it returned after one year in Divizia B, under the leadership of coach Nicolae Godeanu.[citation needed]

In 1969–1970, an action to reorganize Timișoara football takes place, on which occasion CFR assigns some of its players to Politehnica Timișoara. Although lacking the chance of promotion, CFR produces the big surprise by returning to Division A, after 13 years, at the end of the championship 1969–1970. The happiness of the CFR lasted only one year (1970–1971), as the team returned to Divizia B, where it remained until 1979, when it relegated to Divizia C. From here, after only one year, it returned to the second tier where it remained until 1986. It spent another two years in the 3rd division (1986–1988) and still has an honorable participation in Divizia B, which will end, at the end of the 1996–1997 championship, to remain another three years in Divizia C, where, at the end of the 1999–2000 championship (17th place in the IV series), it relegates to the county championship.[citation needed]

In the 2003–2004 season it returns to Divizia C, and in 2004–2005 it promotes in Divizia B, where it evolved until the 2009–2010 season, when it was excluded from the championship due to financial arrears to two former players, but also because they failed to pay arbitration fees.[4]

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Leagues Edit

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Staff Edit

Players Edit

  • Asztalos Jusztin
  • Baidoc Ionuț
  • Berar Laurentiu
  • Brîzan Marius
  • Ciobanu Daniel
  • Crișan Daniel
  • Georgescu Ionuț
  • Hrițcan Robert
  • Iakab Mario
  • Ionilă Răzvan
  • Iorgovan Sergiu
  • Janai Sebastian
  • Jucu Flavius
  • Livădaru Răzvan
  • Neamțu Eusebiu
  • Oberșterescu Daniel
  • Ochea Remi
  • Popa Gabriel
  • Rain Grațian
  • Rogojinaru Florin
  • Romaneț Gabriel
  • Scutelnicu Martin
  • Văsui Angelo
  • Vlad Daniel

The technical team Edit

  • Nedela Constantin-president
  • Nedela Miruna-sports manager
  • Pobega Andrei-head coach
  • Oberșterescu Daniel-second coach
  • Rain Grațian-goalkeeping coach
  • Nișu Silviu-physical trainer
  • Kopocscuk Nicolae-masseur

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