Ezker Anitza

Ezker Anitza (EzAn–IU, Spanish: La Izquierda Plural, literally "Plural Left")[3][4] is the Basque federation of United Left. The party was established in January 2012 after United Left–Greens (EB–B) was disenfranchised as IU's referent in the Basque Country. Isabel Salud is the current General Coordinator.

Ezker Anitza
La Izquierda Plural
SpokespersonÍñigo Martínez
General CoordinatorIsabel Salud
Founded28 January 2012 (2012-01-28)
Merger ofCommunist Party of the Basque Country
Alternative Plural Space
Political positionLeft-wing to far-left
National affiliationUnited Left[2]
Electoral CoalitionsElkarrekin Podemos
Congreso de los Diputados (Basque seats)
1 / 18
Inside Unidos Podemos
Basque Parliament
2 / 75
Inside Elkarrekin Podemos
Batzar Nagusiak
1 / 153
Local representatives
36 / 2,628
Inside Irabazi, Udalberri - Bilbao en Común, Guk Getxo and Errenteria Irabaziz
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The Communist Party of Euskadi (EPK-PCE, Basque federation of PCE) is the major member of the coalition.

Electoral performanceEdit

Basque ParliamentEdit

Basque Parliament
Election Votes % # Seats +/– Leading candidate Status in legislature
2012 30,318 2.69% 5th
0 / 75
 0 Mikel Arana No seats
2016 Within EP
2 / 75
 2 Pilar Zabala Opposition
2020 Within EP–IU
3 / 75
 1 Miren Gorrotxategi Opposition


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